The NWCG course S-244 (Field Observer/Fire Effects Monitor) was revised in 2007; the position taskbooks (PTB) for FOBS and FEMO were significantly changed and combined in 2009. S-244 is not scheduled for another revision, so the Fire Use Subcommittee of NWCG sponsored the development of supplemental lessons (“patches”) to address knowledge required by the PTB but not covered in the existing S-244 course. The objective was to make the knowledge necessary for successful completion of the FOBS/FEMO taskbook readily available to instructors of S-244 as well as to currently qualified FOBS’s and FEMO’s who may want to acquire knowledge that was not originally covered in S-244 or the earlier position taskbooks.

Currently, S-244 is not a required course for the FOBS or FEMO positions, so you have the option of acquiring the knowledge needed for successful completion of the taskbook through self-study. The following lesson plan will allow you to meet the course objectives for S-244 through self-study—no travel costs, no final exam. You will not receive a course certificate or credit for S-244, but the suggested material will supplement the knowledge, skills and experience you gain as you work through the taskbook, and make your training assignments more meaningful. The lessons are also useful to fully-qualified FOBS and FEMO’s who wish to review information that may not have been part of their trainee experience.