master of fire ecology and management online degree

Learn online wherever you are.

  • You don’t have to leave home to take our courses and to complete this Masters of Natural Resources degree.
  • Learn the science behind fire ecology and management – the science you will need for our rapidly changing world.
  • Affordable, peer-reviewed courses provide high quality education at a value.

Specialize in wildland fire science and management.

  • University of Idaho faculty are adept at communicating cutting-edge fire science Participate in a community of learners and leaders.
  • Learn the science for stewardship, restoration, adaptation, and mitigation through ecologically-based decisions.
  • With 14 fire courses, all designed for effective student learning, you gain useful knowledge and tools.
  • Complete a 30-credit Master of Natural Resources degree. It is course-based with a professional project.

Online learning is engaging and participatory. It goes well beyond sitting at your computer.

  • To be successful in our courses, you have to get out to measure things and to talk with people.
  • We strongly encourage you to apply what you’re learning to practical management issues. Find your passion and means to make a difference.

Advance your career.

  • Gain the knowledge, problem solving, and communication skills to be the professional you want to be.
  • Online courses provide flexibility while allowing you to meet your career goals.
  • Get the education to complement your training and experience.
  • Increase your competitiveness for federal, state, private, and other positions.

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