The Great Basin Engine Academy is recognized for its excellence in developing leadership skills and practical knowledge in the use of engines while performing in wildfire situations. The Academy is designed to allow fire professionals to achieve proficiency in all areas of engine operations. The Academy cadre is made up of past graduates of the academy and fire management leaders who represent the best from the agency’s engine captains, engineers, and fire leadership. Great pride is taken in offering one of the premier training programs within the wildland fire community.

I am pleased that Region 4 can offer this high-quality training opportunity and I fully endorse this program. I encourage all employees involved in engine operations to include the Great Basin Engine Academy in their training plans. Participants come away with greater confidence and an enhanced ability to be safe and successful. You are the future fire management leaders; this program will provide you an opportunity to further your career in fire management.

Thanks for visiting the Great Basin Engine Academy website. Your participation is important to the professionalism of our fire organization.

Sue Stewart
Director of Fire and Aviation Management
Intermountain Region