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Use of the Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System (CFFDRS) in the United States began in the 1990s.  Currently, its Fire Weather Index (FWI) system is used as the primary day-to-day fire danger rating tool across Alaska, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.  Its Fire Behavior Prediction (FBP) tool continues to gain favor for its ability to support quick, fireline assessments of crown fire potential in their northern forests.

This online training resource is intended to augment required NWCG Fire Behavior training, insuring that there is a consistent introduction to CFFDRS concepts, tools, and interpretations among beginning firefighters and fireline supervisors in these states.  It will also serve firefighters from other parts of the US, helping them as they arrive in these areas.  

Individuals should register to access these learning resources, take advantage of the evaluation of their learning, and return to individual portions as opportunity for refresher.

This self-study course consists of two, 1-hour self paced lessons that are based on the Learning from Unintended Outcomes Workshop.  The first Lesson provides an overview of the Facilitated Learning Analysis(FLA)including critical key concepts and theory, based on current academic research and studies.  The second lesson proposes a framework for implementing lessons learned that are identified through the FLA, Lessons Learned Analysis(LLR) or other learning focused review processes. Both modules provide background and introductory material. 

This 2 hour course is not intended to serve as a substitute for the Learning from Unintended Outcomes Workshop that is currently offered twice a year through the National Advanced Fire and Resource Institute(NAFRI).  The 40-hour workshop goes into a deeper examination of theory and concepts and also provides students opportunities to practice and apply concepts through a 5 part simulation.

For additional information about the 40-hour workshop please visit www.nafri.gov

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The S490: Pre-course workshop module is a collection of presentations, handouts, practice exercises, and video walk-through from subject matter experts. The goal is to prepare participants for the NWCG Advanced Fire Behavior Calculations S-490 course. Topics addressed in the pre-course material are:

  • Fire weather influences
  • Topographic mapping and terrain influences
  • Fire behavior components
  • Using nomograms
  • BehavePlus - Fire behavior modeling

The NWCG course S-244 (Field Observer/Fire Effects Monitor) was revised in 2007; the position taskbooks (PTB) for FOBS and FEMO were significantly changed and combined in 2009. S-244 is not scheduled for another revision, so the Fire Use Subcommittee of NWCG sponsored the development of supplemental lessons (“patches”) to address knowledge required by the PTB but not covered in the existing S-244 course. The objective was to make the knowledge necessary for successful completion of the FOBS/FEMO taskbook readily available to instructors of S-244 as well as to currently qualified FOBS’s and FEMO’s who may want to acquire knowledge that was not originally covered in S-244 or the earlier position taskbooks.

Currently, S-244 is not a required course for the FOBS or FEMO positions, so you have the option of acquiring the knowledge needed for successful completion of the taskbook through self-study. The following lesson plan will allow you to meet the course objectives for S-244 through self-study—no travel costs, no final exam. You will not receive a course certificate or credit for S-244, but the suggested material will supplement the knowledge, skills and experience you gain as you work through the taskbook, and make your training assignments more meaningful. The lessons are also useful to fully-qualified FOBS and FEMO’s who wish to review information that may not have been part of their trainee experience.

***Self Study Course will be inaccessible from October 29th, 2018 until May 1, 2019***

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The purpose of providing this self-study material is for anyone interested in learning about fire behavior modeling, or for qualified FBANs and LTANs wanting to brush up on skills. Some material may be outdated until after the S-495 2019 course ends and the material gets updated and re-posted.

·         There is no credit, certificate, or NWCG-based record for taking this self-study version of the class—it is for informational purposes only.

·         There are no quizzes, tests, or instructors provided.

·         If you wish to take the class and earn an NWCG certificate, course prerequisites and nominations are due in October 2018.