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Current Jobs

05/20/19 UPDATE:  THIS IS A REPOSTING OF THE POSITION DUE TO CIRCUMSTANCES BEYOND TNC'S CONTROL:  One position starting ASAP going until July 31 is available. 

The Stewardship/Burn Crew Technician (SBCT) will assist with various prairie stewardship activities including:  prescribed fire operations (including ignition, control, mop-up, suppression, and monitoring), tree/brush removal, noxious weed control, fencing, firebreak installation and other and other tasks as assigned. This is a full-time (40 hours/week) short-term position.  There are three positions of different durations.  Two positions will be from April 15 (IMMEDIATE) to August 30 and one position from IMMEDIATE to July 31.  Housing is provided. 

Deadline: May 27, 2019

The Sandhills Stewardship and Fire Program Manager develops, manages and advances conservation programs for the restoration and management of large-scale areas within the Sandhills region of North Carolina. This position has three major focal areas: 1) leading the restoration, management and monitoring of Longleaf pine savanna (and associated communities) in the Sandhills, especially on TNC lands, to help meet the organization’s goal of creating resilient and connected habitats; 2) leading the Sandhills prescribed burn program, including planning, implementing, and evaluating all aspects of the program, to enable the safe and long-term management of natural communities in the region; and, 3) interacting with direct reports, colleagues, partners and others in a way that fosters information sharing and learning, collaboration that leads to positive and strategic conservation actions, and leveraging of resources to increase the impact and influence of the Sandhills stewardship and fire management programs within the region.

Deadline: Jun 18, 2019

The Conservation Forester is responsible for launching and building TNCs Working Woodlands program in West Virginia.  Working Woodlands helps landowners conserve their forests while earning long-term revenue by leveraging forest carbon markets with sustainable forest management and working forest conservation easements.  The program is a critical contributor to TNC’s goals of protecting critical lands and waters and tackling climate change.  The Conservation Forester will oversee all aspects of management and implementation for this important program and may also contribute to several other important forest restoration and conservation initiatives in West Virginia and adjacent states within the Central Appalachians.

Deadline: Jun 21, 2019


  • Administers or supervises the administration of timber stand improvement, fuels reduction, reforestation, cone collection, and other vegetation management contracts.
  • Serves as a COR for administering contracts.
  • Prepares project plans and contracts for silvicultural methods and techniques in planting, seeding, site preparation, cone collections, timber stand improvement, fuels reduction, and tree and shrub improvement projects.
  • Inspects all phases of reforestation and stand improvement projects; appraises the degree of conformance with policies, procedures, and silvicultural plans; and recommends corrective action as required.
  • Coordinates silvicultural needs with other resource specialists.
  • Serves as a full member of an IDT on reforestation, timber stand improvement, fuels reduction, range, and landscape restoration projects.
  • Plans, coordinates, and evaluates the timber stand improvement program; prescribes cutting practices based on an examination of stand conditions and esthetic or other resource requirements.
  • Participates in preparation and review of reforestation and timber stand improvement environmental documents.
  • Duties listed above are at the full performance level.

Deadline: May 24, 2019


The Altamaha Stewardship Coordinator performs and participates in stewardship operations on both TNC preserves and partner lands in conjunction with state, federal, and non-profit partners. Work includes the maintenance, management, development and coordination of conservation programs with an emphasis on prescribed fire.

Deadline: Jun 14, 2019

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