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Current Jobs

The position activities and responsibilities include supporting the operations, projects, partnerships, and organizations of both the Tapash Sustainable Forest Collaborative and the Washington Prescribed Fire Council. Washington Prescribed Fire Council.

This position will support the Washington Prescribed Fire Council, the Executive Officers, and the Steering Committee through support of regular meetings, quarterly Steering Committee meetings, the Council Annual Meeting, and other workgroups and meetings as needed. Develop and manage WPFC internal and external communications, including email, social media, websites, and mailing list. Support local initiatives and projects, including the Cascadia Prescribed Fire Training Exchange (TREX) Program, cooperative burning, cross-boundary burning projects, and community led fire management.

It will also support the Tapash Sustainable Forest Collaborative Executive Team, partners and stakeholders through Executive Team Meetings, Executive Team Yearly Retreat, quarterly stakeholder meetings, Joint Task Force meetings, and other meetings as required.

Deadline: Apr 23, 2021
Location: Washington Resource Conservation and Development Council Office
Address: get directions
Contact Name: Ryan Anderson
Contact E-mail:

3 vacancies in the following locations:

  • Folkston, GA
  • Sudbury, MA
  • Burbank, WA

Wildland Fire Suppression:

  • Provides oversight during initial and extended attack fires, directs fireline activities and tactics of dispersed firefighters, resources, equipment, and aircraft.
  • Provides for follow-up actions to safely and effectively manage wildland fires.
  • Assigns missions to ground and aviation wildland fire suppression resources. Makes efficient and effective use of multiple types of interagency wildland fire suppression resources with varying capabilities. Ensures common communications for interagency resources. Monitors weather and fire behavior, and communicates changes to strategy and tactics. Transfers command to an upper level Incident Management Team as necessary.
  • Provides protection for life, property and resources. Selects strategies and tactics to ensure safe operations for assigned resources. Recognizes potential hazardous situations and provides operational briefings. Initiates contacts with federal, state, and/or local law enforcement personnel as necessary to close roads, evacuate structures, and deal with the public.
  • Coordinates with dispatch office regarding current fire behavior and fire conditions, release of resources, and other logistical considerations.
  • Responsible for the development of incident objectives and strategies and tactics, to provide for safe operations and cost effective incident management.
  • Conducts After Action Reviews and makes adjustments or implements corrective actions.
  • Serves as the lead for local level preparedness reviews. May serve as a subject matter expert for State and national level preparedness reviews.
  • Responsible for ensuring that required documentation is completed and submitted by subordinates. Conducts audits, reviews and approves fire reports completed by others. Initiates cost share agreements for payment of expenses associated with individual incidents.
  • May manage national wildland fire support resources (e.g., lnteragency Hotshot Crews, aviation assets, or other types of specialized modules).

Non-Suppression Operations:

  • Performs, and supervises employees in a variety of fire management positions such as: fire prevention, preparedness, detection, resource rehabilitation, mobilization, prescribed fire, aviation operations, and training programs.
  • Ensures preparedness of wildland fire suppression equipment and personnel. Serves on preparedness review teams.
  • Responsible for fire caches; maintains inventory and accountable property; positions equipment and personnel for the most efficient response; evaluates equipment and personnel needs; and develops and prioritizes equipment and personnel funding requests. May be responsible for subunit caches as appropriate.
  • Conducts field reconnaissance of proposed prescribed burn units, makes recommendations on appropriate treatment techniques for meeting management objectives, drafts prescribed burn plans to meet those objectives and implements approved prescribed burn plans. Performs post-burn evaluation and completes documentation.
  • Develops and revises interagency annual operating plans, annual budget requests, the fire management plan and operating procedures pertaining to preparedness, wildland fire suppression, and prescribed fire.
  • Assists in wildland fire management planning, coordination and implementation including, but not limited to, fire assistance program coordination, interdisciplinary team participation, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and other compliance document preparation, contracting, fire rehabilitation planning, and fire mitigation measures.
  • Provides oversight and management for fire facilities within the zone/area. Assists in managing the budget for facility maintenance, supplies, and equipment. Requests long- and short-term funding for wildland fire facility maintenance and improvements.
  • Coordinates wildland fire and aviation related training courses and serves as a lead instructor for 300-400 level courses at the local, regional and interagency levels. Coordinates wildland fire training needs for unit personnel and submits training nominations. Develops and delivers specific training for unique unit issues.
  • May serve as the unit training officer.
  • Responsible for hiring of seasonal employees, employee onboarding off boarding, and remedial HR actions.
  • Reviews and approves fire reports. Conducts audits of reports entered by subordinates.
  • May serve as a Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) and may be responsible for the preparation of contract specifications and performance measures.
  • May serve as the agency fire management representative at local cooperator meetings in the absence of the Fire Management Office or Assistant Fire Management Officer.

Deadline: Apr 16, 2021

In cooperation with the National Park Service Yosemite National Park (YOSE), the Great Basin Institute is recruiting an Invasive Plant Early Detection and Rapid Response Crew Member who will work in the Invasive Plant Program at Yosemite National Park. The main duties of this position will be to survey for and treat invasive plants in recently burned areas in Yosemite National Park. The incumbent will work under the direction of a crew lead, and will be supervised by the Invasive Plant Program Manager within the Division of Resource Management and Science in the Branch of Vegetation and Ecological Restoration at Yosemite National Park.

Contract Timeline: 28-week appointment, starting May 10th, 2021 (after successful completion of DOI Background Investigation) to November 18th, 2021

Location: Yosemite National Park, CA
Address: get directions

Sustainable Norhtwest is hiring to fill a position that will lead initiatves related to federal forest management, forest collaboration, and tribal engagement across Washington and Oregon.

Deadline: Feb 24, 2021
Contact Name: Hannah Meganck

SWCA Environmental Consultants is seeking an associate-level Biologist position with experience in natural resource management and biological studies for our San Luis Obispo, CA office.  We are seeking a candidate who is looking to develop a long-term consulting career that combines high-level technical expertise with commercial acumen and leadership. Responsibilities may include participating in implementing scientific studies, surveys, natural resource planning, environmental monitoring/ inspections, and preparing a wide variety of technical studies and reports. It is anticipated that a moderate level of travel and variable hours will be required for the position. This position is a regular, full-time salaried position. Pay rate will be based on individual qualifications and experience.