Job: Lands Ecologist - Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife - Ephrata, WA


The Lands Ecologist enables senior land managers and biologists to implement scientifically informed management of fish and wildlife resources by providing complex technical support on the topic of agricultural and rangeland management issues. They help design and conduct land and habitat monitoring in multiple areas of the state, interpret study and research findings for the benefit of internal and external stakeholders, and develop planning and permitting documents in fulfillment of funding and policy requirements. The Lands Ecologist will represent the Statewide Range Ecologist as needed in various meetings potentially involving public and private stakeholders, coordinated resource management agreements, the department’s activities on the Teanaway Community Forest, wildlife area plans, and/or similar scenarios.


  • Performs a variety of resource assessments, monitoring surveys, vegetation inventories, and research investigations addressing rangeland ecology and management.
  • Recommends additional/alternative techniques as appropriate to improve confidence and effectiveness of assessments.
  • Assists wildlife area managers to complete required elements of grazing permits and agricultural leases, including grazing management plans, HB 1309 Ecosystem Standards, maps, summaries, and checklists.
  • Reviews and evaluates the timing, intensity, and location of land management actions, and recommend changes as appropriate to ensure benefits to fish, wildlife, and the department.
  • Provides technical assistance and training that is based on scientific literature and understanding to department staff, including wildlife area managers and inter-program district and regional staff.
  • Evaluates forage production and availability.
  • Analyzes, evaluates, and interprets results to determine effects of rangeland and agricultural land management practices.

Post Date

Mar 15, 2023


Mar 27, 2023