Job: Tribal Government Liaison - Washington Environmental Council - Washington State


The Tribal Government Liaison is responsible for management of Washington Environmental Council (WEC) and Washington Conservation Voters (WCV)’s operations with regard to Tribal Affairs. This position will be responsible for by developing and implementing a Tribal Affairs program. The position is responsible for building strong statewide relationships with tribal governments, tribal citizens and tribal organizations. This position is responsible for establishing and fostering strong working relationships between the organization and Tribal Nations by developing and implementing an engagement strategy with Washington Tribal Nations, the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (ATNI), tribal organizations, and indigenous people. The Tribal Government Liaison will be responsible for managing all aspects of the Tribal Affairs program, including acting with primary responsibility for WEC/WCV on all tribal issues, and serving as an expert in appropriate and respectful engagement with Tribal Nations on important climate change, wildfire, and salmon restoration policies. The position will also be responsible, in conjunction with WEC/WCV executive leadership, on negotiations and consultations with tribal nations. The Tribal Government Liaison reports to WEC and WCV’s Government Affairs Director.

This position is open until filled.

Post Date

Mar 9, 2022