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Field sites map for the Long Term Recovery After Wildfire research project

Field Sites

Wildfires, locations, and sampling years of existing field sites representing five distinct vegetation types. Sampling commenced the same year as the wildfire occurred. Existing field sites consist of already geolocated spatially nested field plots designed to improve relationships to Landsat image-scale data (Hudak et al. 2007). Colors indicate vegetation types.

Vegetation Type
Prior Sampling
Planned Resampling
 JasperBlack Hills, SDponderosa pine66a2000-01Summer 2015
 HaymanFront Range, COponderosa pine21b2002-03Summer 2015
 EgleyNorth Central, ORponderosa pine702007-09Summer 2015
 Black MountainWestern, MTdry mixed conifer4c,d,e2003-04Summer 2013, 2014
 Cooney RidgeWestern, MTdry mixed conifer7c,d,e2003-04Summer 2013, 2014
 SchoolSoutheastern, WAdry mixed conifer742005-09Summer 2016
 CascadeCentral, IDdry mixed conifer14f2007-08Summer 2016
 RobertNorthwestern, MTmoist mixed conifer7c,d,e2003-04Summer 2013, 2014
 Wedge CanyonNorthwestern, MTmoist mixed conifer5c,d,e2003-04Summer 2013, 2014
 East ZoneCentral, IDmoist mixed conifer26f2007-08Summer 2016
 Old/Gran PrixSouthern, CAconifer/oak/chaparral6c,d,e2003-04Summer 2015
 SimiSouthern, CAconifer/oak/chaparral6c,d,e2003-04Summer 2015
 PorcupineInterior, AKsubarctic boreal spruce12c,d,e,g2004-05Summer 2016
 ChickenInterior, AKsubarctic boreal spruce12c,d,e,g2004-05Summer 2016
 Wall StreetInterior, AKsubarctic boreal spruce12c,d,e,g2004-05Summer 2016