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Internet links of location and contact information to 29 biomass-fueled power plant facilities in California, as well as information related to the approximately 80 biomass power plants located in 19 states.
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The DSIRE website provides a fast and convenient method for accessing a wide variety of information about renewable energy and energy efficiency incentives and regulatory policies administered by federal and state agencies, utilities, and local…
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Fuels for Schools is a collaboration of USDA Forest Service, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Utah State Foresters. It is a federal and state partnership to promote and encourage the use of wood biomass as renewable energy in public and…
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The Montana Manufacturers Information System (MMIS) brings Montana Manufacturers closer to each other electronically, if not physically, by providing detailed and up to date information about each manufacturer's products, processes, and capabilities in…
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These maps illustrate the biomass resources available in the United States by county. Biomass feedstock data are analyzed both statistically and graphically using geographic information systems (GIS). The following feedstock categories are evaluated: crop…
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This dataset is based on information collected by mill data managers in Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Units as well as collaborators in the Texas Forest Service, the Forest Products Laboratory (FPL), and the Focused Science Delivery Program of the…
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The Wood Supply Research Institute (WSRI) is a joint project of professional loggers, forest landowners, wood consuming mills, educators, and manufacturers that facilitates and funds research to promote and improve efficiency in the wood supply system.…
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This project accomplishes three primary objectives related to the state of the science in wood to energy research and industry. The literature review provides a complete overview of the state of wood to energy science and technology, including promising…
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