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  • Santa Fe National Forest
  • Mixed-conifer forest: Ponderosa pine, with southwestern white pine, Douglas-fir, white fir, Gambel oak, and aspen
  • Fire return interval: 2-10 years
  • Represents 2 million hectares in the Southwest


People Year Title Sort descending
Weatherspoon 2000 A proposed long-term national study of the consequences of fire and fire surrogate treatments
McIver, Weatherspoon, Edminster 2001 Alternative ponderosa pine restoration treatments in the western United States
Converse, Dickson, White, Block 2004 Estimating small mammal abundance on fuels treatment units in southwestern ponderosa pine forests
Youngblood, Metlen, Knapp, Outcalt, Stephens, Waldrop, Yaussy 2005 Implementation of the fire and fire surrogate study: a national research effort to evaluate the consequences of fuel reduction treatments
Youngblood, Bigler-Cole, Fettig, Fiedler, Knapp, Lehmkuhl, Outcalt, Skinner, Stephens, Waldrop 2007 Making fire and fire surrogate science available: a summary of regional workshops with clients
Kopper 2002 Meta-analysis design and interpretation: a case study of prescribed fire effects on fuel loadings in ponderosa pine ecosystems
McIver, Erickson, Youngblood 2012 Principal short-term findings of the National Fire and Fire Surrogate study
Converse 2005 Small mammal responses to forest restoration and fuel reduction
Converse, White, Block 2006 Small mammal responses to thinning and wildfire in ponderosa pine-dominated forests of the southwestern United States
Converse, White, Farris, Zack 2006 Small mammals and forest fuel reduction: national-scale responses to fire and fire surrogates
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Chalmers, Hartsough 2001 Thinning and prescribed fire as methods to reduce fuel loading - a cost analysis
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Carl Edminster
USFS, Rocky Mountain Research Station

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Carl Edminster
USFS, Rocky Mountain Research Station

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Debra Larson
Northern Arizona University


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Northern Arizona University


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USFS, PSW Research Station


Bob Mathiason
Northern Arizona University


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Los Alamos


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Northern Arizona University