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  • Klamath National Forest, Goosenest Adaptive Management Area
  • Mixed-conifer forest: Ponderosa pine, and white fir.
  • Fire return interval: 10-15 years
  • Represents several hundred thousand hectares in California

The southern Cascades site is located in northern California to the northeast of Mt. Shasta. The study area was essentially clearcut in the early 1900s by railroad logging. The forest we work with today is the forest that has regrown since that early logging.



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Fire and Fire Surrogates Study Southern Cascades (Goosenest, CA) Site Map thumbnail
The southern Cascades site is located in northern California to the northeast of Mt. Shasta.

Site Manager

Carl Skinner
USFS, PSW Research Station

Site Data Manager

Rose Leonard
USFS, PSW Research Station

Site Discipline Leaders


Jamie Barbour
USFS, PNW Research Station


Chris Fettig
USFS, PSW Research Station


Carl Skinner
USFS, PSW Research Station


Bill Otrosina
USFS, Southern Research Station


Ralph Boerner
Ohio State University


Carl Skinner
USFS, PSW Research Station


Steve Zack
Wildlife Conservation Society

Kerry Farris
Wildlife Conservation Society