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FFI User Guide
Most users will want to download this document. Includes FFI and SQL Server installation instructions.
FFI_UG_Nov2021.pdf (13MB)

Protocol Manager User Guide
Download only if using Protocol Manager to create protocols or manage protocol files.
FFI-PM_April2013 (5MB)


If you're new to FFI and wondering which applcation you should install, this document should help: FFI-MT, FFI-Lite  and FFI - which is right for you?

November 2021: The latest version of FFI and FFI-Lite are posted below. All instances of FFI or FFI-Lite accessing a database or data exported from a database must have the same version number.

If you are upgrading to FFI v1.05.13 follow these instructions: FFI_10513_Upgrade_Installation_Instructions.pdf (3MB)

If you are installing FFI for the first time follow the installation procedure in the FFI_UG_Nov2021.pdf (13MB)

TIP: Download files to a temporary directory such as C:\FFI_Temp.

To use the FFI-Lite monitoring software: download and install: FFI-Lite Install Package FFI_Lite_10513_Installer.zip (22MB)

NOTE: Forest Service users must install FFI-Lite through the Forest Service Software Center.

To use the FFI-MT monitoring software, download and install the FFI MT Install Package: FFI_MT_10513_Installer.zip (38MB)

NOTE: FFI-MT requires a database update. Contact Duncan Lutes or MaryBeth Keifer for assistance
NOTE: FFI-MT Requires SQL Server Express 2016 SP2 - see the installation instructions in FFI_UG_Nov2021.pdf

To use the FFI monitoring software, download and install the FFI Install Package FFI_10513_Installer.zip (36MB)

NOTE: Support for FFI is ending soon. New users who require multiple simultaneous user access to their FFI data should use FFI MT.
NOTE: FFI Requires SQL Server Express 2016 SP2 - see the installation instructions in FFI_UG_Nov2021.pdf

Training Databases are used in the FFI training classes or if you wish to have a practice dataset. There are two zip files. The FFI-Lite file includes the datbase used in training class. The FFI file has two databases - one for FFI and one for FFI MT.

FFI_Lite_Training_Data_10513.zip (4MB).
FFI_Training_Data_10513.zip (13MB)

FFI and FFI-Lite protocols (PMD file): FFI_Protocols_10513.zip (1MB)