FIRE: Rekindling Land and People


FIRE: Rekindling Land and People

Exhibit Open through February 7 in the KNC Exhibits Hall

Fire, central to human evolution and our relationship with the environment, is both an ancient force in our history and of pressing modern significance. By centering traditional indigenous fire knowledge and KNC’s participation in contemporary prescribed fire practices, this exhibit — offered in partnership with the Lake States Fire Science Consortium ( — will help visitors explore the role that fire disturbance plays in supporting healthy ecosystems and the relationship humans have had with fire over millennia. A key feature of the exhibit is artist Ethan Turpin’s immersive art installation, Walk Into Wildland Fire, placing the viewer at the heart of a wildland fire. Turpin’s installation is part of Burn Cycle Project.
Learn more at:, or on Instagram at @burncycleproject and @environmentmakers

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Feb 7, 2024 (All day)



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