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Nov 13 2023 | 2:00pm - Nov 17 2023 | 3:00pm EST

Webinars, Seminars and Presentations

SCIENCEx experimental forests and ranges week explores the largest and longest-lived ecological research network in the nation. Scientists will discuss the benefits of these forests, ranges, and watersheds for long-term or experimental research on hydrology, wildlife, wildland fire, and silviculture and how their work informs how we steward the land. 

The Forest Service Research and Development SCIENCEx webinar series unites scientists and land management experts from across the Forest Service and beyond.

Monday, Nov. 13


  • Introduction to experimental forests and ranges | Mac Callaham
  • Free selection silviculture experiments in Idaho experimental and national forests | Jason Reinhardt
  • Long term silviculture studies in the Fernow Experimental Forest involving mixed mesophytic hardwoods | Melissa Thomas-Van Gundy
  • Chipola Experimental Forest and Hurricane Michael | Johnny Grace


Tuesday, Nov. 14

Hydrology and Watersheds

  • Introduction to experimental forests and ranges| Sherri Johnson​
  • Women in hydrology|​ Lindsey Rustad
  • Long-term hydrology and aquatic biogeochemistry data from H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest | Sherri Johnson​ 
  • Every drop counts: Tracking runoff at the Sierra Ancha Experimental Forest | Jackson Leonard


Wednesday, Nov. 15


  • Introduction to experimental forests and ranges | Grizelle Gonzalez
  • Wildlife research in Alaska's experimental forests |​ Phil Manlick
  • Wildlife and hurricane disturbances in Luquillo Experimental Forest | Joe Wonderle
  • Implementing a broad amphibian monitoring program in southern experimental and national forests | Dan Saenz


Thursday, Nov. 16


  • Introduction to experimental forests and ranges
  • Fire, fire management, and the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest| Brooke Penaluna
  • The Manitou Experimental Forest: A key partner in fire and fuels research on the Colorado Front Range| Paula Fornwalt
  • The Silas Little Experimental Forest, an outdoor laboratory for fire dynamics and fuels research |​ Nick Skrowronski


Friday, Nov. 17

Looking Towards the Future

  • Introduction to experimental forests and ranges |​ Paula Fornwalt
  • Rapid ʻŌhiʻa Death: Learnings on the Hawaiʻi Experimental Tropical Forest |​ Flint Hughes
  • Experimental ranges: Now and into the future |​ Rob Heckman
  • Quantitatively assessing the US Experimental Forest Research Network's current representativeness to guide decision making | Aly East