Webinar - Long-term Watershed Research


Join us as we dig into forest health concerns due to climate impacts at new sites around the state. Our panelists will address management & restoration efforts, relevance of long-term research, fire as a tool, biohabitat concerns,  forest health threats, and unique adaptation strategies at each site. Noontime webinars are free (registration required); field tour registration includes lunch, snacks, and van transport.

Location: Bear Brook Watershed (Lead Mtn, nr Beddington). Site is part of long-term research to determine the effects of acid deposition on surface waters and their related watersheds.  BBWM program of research encompasses an array of scientific objectives that include acid deposition, climate change and carbon sequestration, nitrogen saturation, base cation depletion, and studies of the evolution of watershed biogeochemistry under prolonged experimental acidification.
Discussion: Mike Howie, American Forest Management and Ivan Fernandez, University of Maine Professor of Soil Science. Long-term research: the intersection of science, recovery and climate; ecological implications from the past and current research that will help address climate concerns for the future.

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Dec 6, 2023 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

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