Webinar - Fires of Unusual Size: Does It Mean What You Think It Means?


Presenter: Brian Potter, USFS Research Meteorologist

Fires of Unusual Size (FOUS) are large fires that exhibit at least one rapid growth event, and keep growing after that. While "megafire" is widely used and has no specific definition, FOUS are defined by specific characteristics. We can count how many happen each year, and we can ask scientific questions about how they differ from other fires. What makes them so big? What triggered the big growth event(s)? Are they increasing each year? Brian Potter, Research Meteorologist with the Pacific Northwest Research Station, will talk about the trends, look at how weather influences their growth, and give some examples of unanswered questions about them.

This webinar is part of the US Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station's SciCast Webinar Series.

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Aug 24, 2023 10:00 am