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Sep 26 - 28 2023 MDT

Workshops, Trainings and Fieldtrips


Santa Clara Pueblo, Espanola, NM

This workshop will highlight an innovative and iconic case study in public and private collaboration on sovereign tribal lands following a series of catastrophic wildfires. Given the increasing frequency of these fires, there is a vital need to mitigate destruction through preemptive nature-based restoration practices before disaster strikes. By collaborating with federal agencies and other partners to incorporate indigenous knowledge and values into the recovery planning process, the Santa Clara Pueblo is working to achieve long-term, sustainable resiliency of the watershed.

The purpose of this Natural Areas Association Stewardship in Action Field Workshop is not simply to share what was learned by the Santa Clara Pueblo and their many partners, but also to engage land and water management practitioners from tribal nations, federal and state agencies, and nonprofit organizations from around the continent to share information and leverage success for the benefit of local communities.

The agenda features three days of content featuring both indoor presentations and field experiences. Sessions will explore public and private collaboration on sovereign tribal lands, process-based restoration and watershed resilience, forestry and fire management, sediment stabilization, native plant restoration, indigenous knowledge, nature-based solutions, and preparing for future climate impacts by working together.

Participation is open to tribal, federal, state, private, and non-governmental organizations, with an emphasis on land-management practitioners, tribal members, and students. This workshop is provided with support from the USDA Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and Santa Clara Pueblo Forestry.

Learn more about the Santa Clara Pueblo Case Study

StoryMap: A Tribe's Collaborative Journey to Develop Forest Resiliency - Santa Clara Pueblo Forestry