Webinar - How Wildfire Policies Governing Management of Natural Ignitions Have Evolved Over the Past Century



In a Nutshell: Review of the history, policies, and challenges behind “managed wildfire”, the fire management strategy of leveraging natural ignitions for resource objectives and community benefit.

Presenter: Scott Thomas Franz, Northern Arizona University & Ecological Restoration Institute

The topic of “managed wildfire” is mired in complexity, starting with what to call it. This fire management approach has been known as “prescribed natural fire,” “wildland fire use,” “resource objective fire,” and more. All names refer to the same essential idea: leveraging natural ignitions to safely reintroduce wildfire to landscapes that evolved with it while balancing diverse priorities of the many stakeholders affected. The policies governing this management strategy in the U.S. extend from federal laws to regional plans and span the many ecosystems and communities that experience wildfire. This presentation delves into the a three-dimensional game of chess that is navigating managed wildfire which managers, policymakers, and the public have played for more than a century. Join us to hear analysis of the historical progression of policies governing managed fire, identification of gaps and misalignments that inhibit policy effectiveness, and recommendations to address them.

Hosted by the Southwest Fire Science Consortium.

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Apr 13, 2023 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm