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Jun 23 - 29 2024 Central European Summer Time

Conferences and Symposia


Stockholm, Sweden

The IUFRO World Congress 2024 is a collaborative global network platform with great opportunity for knowledge sharing and getting access to the latest science and research. The outcome of the event will also set the future research agenda and roadmap for next generations, this time focusing on Forests & Society Towards 2050.

Demands of forest ecosystem services grow up due to the climate crisis and the need to reinforce the bioeconomy sector, the social services of healthy forests as established by the UN sustainable development goals, and forest resilience to disturbances and anthropogenic pressures. By 2050, drastic changes are expected in population growth, climate change, biodiversity loss, globalization and a growing world economy, putting tremendous pressure on forests and the societies who depend on them. 2050 is a landmark year to achieve the vision of Living in Harmony with Nature of the Convention on Biological Diversity as well as the target of net zero emissions. With a focus on forest contribution to the UN 2030 Agenda and its sustainable development goals (SDG), the IUFRO World Congress in Stockholm 2024 will help streamline  forest research agendas, furthering dialogues and cross-sector cooperation, and promote the multi-functionality of forests and their services.


  1. Strengthening forest resilience and adaptation to stress
  2. Towards a responsible forest bioeconomy
  3. Forest biodiversity and its ecosystem services
  4. Forests for sustainable societies5
  5. Forests for the future