Webinar - Wildfire Intelligence Simulation Engine and the Future of Canadian Fire Growth Modelling Software


Presenters: Franco Nogarin (Government of NWT), Neal McLoughlin (BCWS), and Brett Moore (CFS)

This webinar is part of the Canada Wildfire Webinars series.

The demand for wildfire simulation model outputs has dramatically increased over the past decade to the extent that trained operators cannot fulfill all requests during busy fire seasons. Wildfire management agencies often triage which escape wildfires receive predictive services. Concurrent to rising demand for operational fire modelling, national coordination and support for the development and maintenance of modelling software has been declining. In 2015 a community of fire modelers and developers initiated a project and approached these issues as opportunities for innovation and change. The result is an open-source Wildfire Intelligence Simulation Engine. Join this webinar to learn about the future of Canadian fire growth modelling software and the core ambitions of the development team, how you can engage with and support the project, and see examples of how this technology is already being implemented in Canada and abroad.

Franco Nogarin is the Territorial Forest Planning Officer for Government of the Northwest Territories. Franco has developed operational wildfire software since 2003 including SPARCS, IntelliFire, and the first prototype for the CIFFC Data Integration Project. Neal McLoughlin is the Superintendent of Predictive Services for BC Wildfire Service. Neal has supported Canadian wildland fire growth model development, training, and implementation since 2005. Brett Moore is a Wildfire Application Developer for the Canadian Forest Service. Brett has operated fire growth models since 2011 and focused his graduate studies on probabilistic fire growth modelling. Neal, Franco, and Brett oversee the WISE project and are motivated to modernize operational fire growth modelling through agile and open-source software development practices.

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Nov 18, 2022 9:30 am to 11:00 am



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