Webinar - The Province of BC’s Range Ecologists; Working for Ecological and Social Landscapes in a Time of Rapid Change


Presenter: Nick Hamilton, P.Ag, Rangeland Ecologist

This presentation will provide a summary on the work of the range ecologists with the Province of British Columbia (Nick Hamilton, Ian Campbell, and Eleanor Bassett). The previous generation of range ecologists worked primarily on the issue of overgrazing, with a lot of success and positive change.  Although time is still devoted to that issue if needed, most of the work has shifted towards addressing the effects of climate change, wildfires, prescribed burning, and wildlife management. The projects usually have multiple goals, one of them being to (hopefully) support Indigenous land management in the future.

This webinar is part of the Society for Range Management, Pacific Northwest Section, BC Chapter's Fall 2022 Home on the Range webinar series showcasing projects and case studies of professionals and students in the field of range management.

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