Webinar - The Hydrology of Western Juniper – Central Oregon


Presenter: Carlos Ochoa, PhD, Ecohydrology Lab, Oregon State University

Dr. Carlos Ochoa’s research focuses on connections between ecohydrological processes and human interactions in an ever-changing climate. Dr. Ochoa has numerous research projects, one of which is a long term study in central Oregon that has provided critical information regarding vegetation and hydrology interactions in western juniper dominated landscapes. This presentation will discuss some of the learnings from Dr. Ochoa’s work on western juniper. For more information, please visit his website: https://ecohydrology.oregonstate.edu .

This webinar is part of the Society for Range Management, Pacific Northwest Section, BC Chapter's Fall 2022 Home on the Range webinar series showcasing projects and case studies of professionals and students in the field of range management.

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