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Oct 25 - 28 2022 EDT

Conferences and Symposia


Sarah Crate


Hotel Ballast
301 N Water St, Wilmington, NC 28401

The Biennial Longleaf Conference, sponsored by The Longleaf Alliance, is a regional conference that is focused on the restoration and conservation of the longleaf ecosystem that once dominated the landscape within the southeastern United States. The conference provides the opportunity for people from all over the southeast to get together, share, learn, and celebrate longleaf. It also serves as a rallying spot for several other organizations and government agencies seeking to stage additional events in order to better collaborate on the conference topics.

This conference is open to individuals, private landowners, land managers, wildlife biologists, conservation groups, consultants, university researchers, forestry professionals, agency and outreach personnel who share an interest in restoration of the longleaf pine ecosystem. On average, attendance ranges from 250-400 depending on conference location. The conference also draws from 25-35 exhibitors and vendors.

Conference Highlights:

  • Keynote addresses from leaders in the field of longleaf restoration, conservation, and management
  • Concurrent and poster sessions that include presentations focusing on various aspects of the longleaf forest
  • Exhibitor opportunities for non-profits, government, and commercial vendors
  • Networking and socials