Niobrara Valley TREX (September 25 - October 8)


September 25 - October 8, 2022
Applications due by 7/25

Target Group: This training is designed to integrate a diverse group of fire practitioners, including private landowners, volunteer fire departments, university students, municipal, state, federal and contract firefighters, as well as other natural resource managers, scientists and researchers. For participants with NWCG taskbooks, trainee positions most applicable to the Niobrara Valley TREX include: Prescribed Fire Crewmember, FFT2, FEMO, FFT1, FIRB, ENGB, & RXB2. Please contact Amanda Hefner to discuss other trainee positions. Prior prescribed fire experience is not required. Participants with no experience will receive one-on-one coaching.

Description: The training is organized as an incident, using the Incident Command System following a Type 3 structure. Participants will serve in qualified and trainee firefighting positions on a burn team and will assist with preparing, scouting, briefing, igniting, holding, mop-up, and patrol on numerous prescribed fires in the area. We will also complete pre- and post-fire monitoring, train with various equipment, practice fireline leadership skills, and learn about local fire
ecology and management. There will be field trips to areas burned in recent fires and presentations from local ranchers and other community members, scientists, land managers and fire practitioners. Additional trainings will include burn planning and considerations for burn unit layouts. There is no registration fee for this training.

Location: Niobrara Valley Preserve
Address: 42269 Morel Road, Johnstown, NE 69214 (get directions)
Contact Name: Amanda Hefner
Contact E-mail:

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Sep 25, 2022 (All day)



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