IARPC: Terrestrial Ecosystems Collaboration Team Meeting


 April Terrestrial Ecosystems Collaboration Team Meeting

At this meeting, we will hear from Dr. Tatiana Loboda discussing fire, smoke, and health in the boreal regions of Alaska. This topic will be further discussed by the group following the presentation to determine ways the TECT can coordinate and advance research related to  fire, smoke, air quality and health. It will feature the following presentations that are intended to spark a collaborative discussion:

Fire, Smoke and Health: the invisible cost of wildfire to society in the boreal and arctic regions- Dr. Tatiana Loboda, Professor in the Department of Geographical Sciences at the University of Maryland, College Park

The meeting will begin with updates from the community. We invite all meeting attendees to share announcements, recent findings (published or unpublished), ideas for collaboration, requests for future meetings, or anything that you wish to share or ask, etc. Please see the agenda for more information. A recording of the meeting will be available on the event page and our YouTube channel within one week of the meeting date.


Apr 21, 2022 10:00 am