Webinar - Living in Fire Adapted Ecosystems - Our Built Environment


Many urban residents are wondering “what can I do to better protect my home from wildfire, and what are city and county officials considering in terms of wildfire survivability of our built environment?" In this discussion, local and national wildfire professionals like Wildfire Partners, and researchers out of UC Davis and Oregon State will touch on the factors that best protect structures in wildland urban environments, and innovative engineering and building materials we can all consider.

This webinar is part two of the three-part Living with Wildfire Learning Series. After the recent Marshall Fire, The Boulder Watershed Collective in partnership with The Northern Colorado Fireshed Collaborative and The Center for Sustainable Landscapes and Communities wants to be responsive to the voices and concerns we have heard from local communities. In this learning series, they hope to shine a light on potential impacts and adaptations moving forward from this devastating fire. Sign up for one or all three of these events to learn about what you can do to adapt to living in fire prone grassland and forested ecosystems.

Speakers: Jim Webster (Program Coordinator, Wildfire Partners); Dr. Michele Barbato (Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UC Davis); Dr. Erica Fischer (Assistant Professor of Civil and Construction Engineering at Oregon State University)



Apr 28, 2022 3:30 am to 5:00 pm

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