Webinar - Exploring the Interagency Fuel Treatment Decision Support System (IFTDSS)


Part of the Science You Can Use Spring 2022 Webinar Series sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Research Station

Presented by: Caroline Noble, Bre Schueller, Kim Ernstrom (WFMRDA)

IFTDSS is becoming a go to tool for fuels planning across interagency partners. With its all access web-based approach, IFTDSS makes fuels management planning accessible to fire practitioners at all levels. From viewing project areas on a user friendly map interface to completing a full blow Quantitative Wildfire Risk Assessment, IFTDSS has something for everyone. IFTDSS contains fire behavior models, reference data sets,  mapping tools. comparison workflows and summary reports useful for prescribed fire planning, treatment prioritization and NEPA analysis and reports. With upwards of 2800 user accounts, IFTDSS is being used across all federal agencies as well as state and private partners, NGO's and University's.  This webinar will provide an overview of what the application can do as well as some examples of how it is being used in the field. 

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