Webinar - Between Three Fires


Speaker: Steve Pyne

This lecture is part of the 11-week "Lookout: Envisioning Futures with Wildfire" lecture series exploring how we are shaping this era of megafires and how it is shaping us. The series features speakers from across the arts, humanities, and environmental sciences.  It is hosted by the Spring Creek Project and the Environmental Arts and Humanities Initiative at Oregon State University and co-sponsored by OSU's Center for the Humanities, OSU's Sustainability Office, OSU's Arts and Education Complex, and Terrain.org.

Steve Pyne is currently a writer, urban farmer, and emeritus professor at Arizona State University. In a former life he spent 15 seasons with the North Rim Longshots at Grand Canyon National Park, and another three seasons writing fire plans for the National Park Service. Most of his books deal with fire through popular introductions, textbooks, a memoir, and histories including a resurvey of the American fire scene with Between Two Fires: A Fire History of Contemporary America and To the Last Smoke, a series of regional fire surveys. His most recent book is The Pyrocene: How We Created a Fire Age, and What Happens Next.

Additional co-sponsors: Corvallis-Benton County Public Library and Grass Roots Books & Music

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