Webinar - The Wild after Wildfire


Speaker: Maya R. Khosla

This lecture is part of the 11-week "Lookout: Envisioning Futures with Wildfire" lecture series exploring how we are shaping this era of megafires and how it is shaping us. The series features speakers from across the arts, humanities, and environmental sciences.  It is hosted by the Spring Creek Project and the Environmental Arts and Humanities Initiative at Oregon State University and co-sponsored by OSU's Center for the Humanities, OSU's Sustainability Office, OSU's Arts and Education Complex, and Terrain.org.

Maya R. Khosla is a wildlife biologist, writer, and filmmaker focusing on forest biodiversity with a special focus on the wild after wildfire in intact forests. She served as Sonoma County Poet Laureate (2018- 2020), bringing Sonoma’s communities together through poetry gatherings and field walks after the 2017 fires. Sonoma County Conservation Council selected her as one of the 2020 Environmentalists of the Year. Her books include All the Fires of Wind and Light (2020 PEN Oakland/Josephine Miles Literary Award), Keel Bone (Dorothy Brunsman Poetry Prize), and Web of Water: Life in Redwood Creek. Her writing has been featured in documentary films including the award-winning Village of Dust, City of Water, about the water crises in rural India.

Additional co-sponsors: OSU's School of Writing, Literature, and Film

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