Webinar - Putting LANDFIRE Data (and Models) to Work in the Scientific Community


LANDFIRE delivers 20+ vegetation and fire datasets, and a state-and-transition model for every ecosystem in the United States. Have you ever wondered how others in the scientific community use these products? Join us and find out.

Members of the LANDFIRE Team will bring you a timely, relevant and succinct webinar describing three different applications of LANDFIRE data in published scientific literature from 2021. Our talk will start with a “30K foot view” of how LANDFIRE data is (generally) used by students, academics and agencies. We will then spotlight three example scientific papers each with a unique focus on drought, fire and climate change. We will highlight general findings, and touch on the LANDFIRE datasets, applications used for each journal article.

There will be 15 minutes at the end of this discussion for Q/A.

Contact Name: Megan Dettenmaier
Contact E-mail: meg.dettenmaier@TNC.ORG