Webinar - Restorative Burning: Past Present, and Future Uses of Prescribed Fire


Continuing Washington State University Extension Forestry's 2021 summers series on fire, the realm of intentional uses of fire as a management tool will be explored. While lightning strikes were one major form of ignitions prior to Euro-American settlement, Native Americans were the primary source of fire across the landscape for thousands of years. Utilizing fire for a multitude of reasons, indigenous burning shaped the plant and animal communities of the Inland Northwest for thousands of years.

The Colville National Forest’s Fire Ecologist, Monique Wynecoop, will dive into the past use of fire as a management tool and cultural practice, the present effects of fire on the landscape, and the future of why fire can and should be used as a forest management tool.

This will be a Zoom webinar. Information will be emailed to registered individuals prior to the event.


Aug 17, 2021 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm



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