Webinar - Alaska's Changing Wildfire Environment


AK Climate Action Network (AK CAN!) is a hosting a webinar presented by AFSC’s communication specialist, Zav Grabinski, highlighting the recent report ’Alaska’s Changing Wildfire Environment’.

An intensified pattern of wildfire is emerging in Alaska as rapidly increasing temperatures and longer growing seasons alter the state's environment. Both tundra and Boreal forest regions are seeing larger and more frequent fires. The impacts of these fires are felt across the state. This presentation will give a high-level overview of trends in Alaskan wildfire related to a changing climate based on the recent International Arctic Research Center/AFSC report 'Alaska's Changing Wildfire Environment'.

Watch the presentation recording here

AK CAN! connects Alaskans from all walks of life who share a deep concern about climate change, biodiversity and our energy future. News, action alerts, events, reports, commentary and ideas related to climate change, biodiversity and energy issues that pertain directly to Alaska and Alaskans are most welcome!


Jun 8, 2021 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm

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