Dissertation Defense: Caribou, Fire, and Landscape Disturbance in Eastern Alaska to Northwestern Canada


Eric Palm, PhD student at the University of Montana, will present his dissertation defense.

In addition to collecting UAV imagery as training data for the Fortymile lichen cover map, Eric obtained agency GPS collar and/or demographic information for 31 caribou herds in Eastern Alaska (Fortymile and Nelchina) and Northwestern Canada and analyzed caribou habitat selection in relation to mapped large fires, fire severity, and lichen cover. He then utilized mapped disturbance (fires, roads, logging, seismic lines, etc.; for Canada herds) to look at how habitat selection and demographics changed relative to those disturbances.

Eric's project was funded primarily by the NASA ABoVE project, with some additional funding and support by BLM-EIFO, and several agencies in Canada.

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Apr 23, 2021 11:00 am



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