Webinar - Salvage Science Series Panel Discussion


The Salvage Science Series presents recent research on the effects of post-fire salvage logging and new tools for helping to plan salvage treatments.

This event is a three-stage process. First, watch the four pre-recorded webinars. Second, register for the May 6 panel discussion with the event speakers. Third, provide your questions for a specific speaker or more generally about salvage logging ahead of the discussion. These questions will help us frame the discussion and also help us plan a follow-up event on post-disturbance salvage treatment research and methods in the fall.

The Salvage Science Webinar Series is a pre-recorded webinar series on new research and tools for salvage logging management and planning. The series is co-hosted by the Rocky Mountain Research Station, Northern Rockies Fire Science Network, Southern Rockies Fire Science Network, and the Northwest Fire Science Consortium.

Pre-recorded webinars:

Incorporating Woodpecker Habitat into Design of Post-Fire Salvage Logging
Dr. Vicki Saab and Jon Dudley talk about incorporating woodpecker habitat into design of post-fire salvage logging.
     - Vicki Saab, Research Biologist, US Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station
     - Jonathan Dudley, Ecologist, US Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station

Post-Fire Salvage Logging Effects on Soils, Runoff, and Sediment Production in Western Watersheds
Dr. Joe Wagenbrenner talks about post-fire salvage logging effects on soils, runoff, and sediment production in western watersheds.
     - Joe Wagenbrenner, Research Hydrologist, US Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station

Is that Tree Dead? Predicting Tree Death After Fire for Salvage Decisions
As part of a recorded webinar series on new research to inform salvage logging decisions, Dr. Sharon Hood talks about predicting tree death after fire.
     - Sharon Hood, Research Ecologist, US Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station

Understanding Post Wildfire Management Effects on Stand Structure and Woody Fuel Loadings
Dr. Morris Johnson talks about post wildfire management effects on stand structure and woody fuel loadings.
     - Morris Johnson, Research Fire Ecologist, US Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station/FERA

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