Air Quality Sensing for Cities Training by ASIC


Cities worldwide are at the nexus of population growth, increasing air pollution levels, and climate change. These pressing problems are a small fraction of the challenges that cities face daily.  You will hear from cities and organizations on deploying, operating, and using air sensor networks.  Attend and learn about their use of air sensors within cities and participate in active discussions about cities' needs. Speakers include Zoe Chafe (C40 Cities), Michael Ogletree (City and County of Denver), and George Castelar (Lima, Peru).  The discussion will be moderated by Tim Dye of TD Environmental Services, LLC.


Note that this virtual training one in a larger set of offerings from the Air Sensors International Conference (ASIC). More detail on the other ASIC offerings may be found at: 

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Feb 2, 2021 (All day)