AGU 2020: Alaska Fire Science


For those registered for the AGU conference there are several fire relevant posters and talks scheduled

Tuesday, December 8

Press Conference: 2020 Arctic Report Card featuring UAF’s Rick Thoman and Alison York

Poster: Geochemical characteristics of frozen active layer and near-surface permafrost in the Anaktuvuk River Fire scar, Alaska - Go Iwahana


Wednesday, December 9

Talk: 15:40 – 15:44: Boundary spanning and co-production with management partners in Arctic/Boreal systems: lessons from 10 Years of the Alaska Fire Science Consortium – Alison York

Talk: 18:28 – 18:32 Use of machine learning to characterize and predict wildfire activity in Alaska – James White


Friday, December 11

Talk: 15:01-15:04 Cardiorespiratory health impacts of wildfire smoke in Alaska - Micah Han


Monday, December 14

Poster: Born to Burn: Characterization of Fuel Loads, Flammability and Plant Traits Across Spatiotemporal Gradients of Black Spruce Dominated Communities - Emilia Grzesik

Talk 07:45 - 07-48: Continental-scale impacts of fire PM2.5 emissions from boreal and tundra fires on air quality and health - Tatiana Laboda

Talk 07:50 - 07:53: Simulating spatio-temporal dynamics of surface PM2.5 emitted from Alaskan wildfires using HYSPLIT -  Dong Chen


Tuesday, December 15

Poster: Detecting temporal changes in land cover based on disturbance in Alaska – Zeke Ziel

Poster: Playing the odds: using remotely sensed data to assess risk from wildfire and permafrost thaw in the Arctic - Jen Schmidt

Talk: 03:04 - 03:08 VIIRS Direct Broadcast Advances for Improved Wildland Fire Monitoring in Alaska - Pete Hickman

Talk 03:06 – 03:10: Applying seasonal forecasts for summer fire weather outlooks in Alaska at a 3-month lead - Cecilia Borries Strigle

Talk: 20:05 - 20:10  Science-to-operations for Alaska wildfire management in times of COVID-19: Usability lessons from rapid data tool development - Chris Waigl


Dec 8, 2020 (All day)
Dec 9, 2020 (All day)
Dec 11, 2020 (All day)
Dec 14, 2020 (All day)
Dec 15, 2020 (All day)



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