Webinar Series - Towards an Integrated Fire Management


These webinars are part of a series comprising the 8 sessions of the Pyrolife International Symposium: Towards an Integrated Fire Management, 3 June – 22 July, 2020.

Effective Translation of Fire to Policy

George Boustras; Professor in Risk Assessment / Director, CERIDES – Excellence in Innovation and Technology, European University Cyprus

Examples of work for Governmental and International Organizations on how to turn, effectively, fire safety engineering and management to policy context and reforms will be presented and discussed.

Complexifying Social Analysis in Risk Management

Míriam Arenas Conejo; PhD in Sociology. Researcher of CareNet group, IN3- Open University of Catalonia.

Risks and its impacts are unevenly distributed among the world’s population, and those social groups in the most disadvantaged situations are usually those who face the hardest consequences. However, many risk management strategies are still designed using top-down approaches and with a homogeneous image of our societies. It aggravates not only previous inequalities but also ignores the knowledge and capabilities that many communities already have, gained through their daily lives or past experiences. Tackling climate change requires us more than ever, the development of new approaches that integrate the inherent complexity of social processes in a globalised world.

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Jul 22, 2020 4:00 pm
Central European Summer Time



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