Webinar Series - Towards an Integrated Fire Management


These webinars are part of a series comprising the 8 sessions of the Pyrolife International Symposium: Towards an Integrated Fire Management, 3 June – 22 July, 2020.

Pyrogeography and the Need for Diversity

Dr. Cathelijne Stoof; Wageningen University

In this talk I will sketch the major current challenges and opportunities in wildland fire, and argue that a diverse approach is needed to move from fire resistance to landscape resilience: Living with Fire. I will introduce the PyroLife project with its training and research program, based on four axes of diversity, which are cross-geography, cross-risk, science-practice and social diversity.

Extreme Wildfire Events Under Climate Change: What to Expect on Central/Northern Europe

Marc Castellnou Ribau; Inspector cap Area Forestal. Incident Commander. Strategic wildfire analyst.

Recent years have seen an increase on fire intensity and rate of spread. We call them “megafires” or “fire storms.” They are occurring more often and more widespread than before. We will go through the drivers of this change and will try to identify future scenarios for this area.

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Jun 3, 2020 2:00 pm
Central European Summer Time



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