Webinar - Overview of the North Carolina Climate Science Report: Implications for Wildland Fire


Sponsored by the Southern Fire Exchange

Presented by Rebecca Ward, Assistant State Climatologist, University of North Carolina

The North Carolina Climate Science Report, published in March 2020, is a scientific assessment of historical climate trends and potential future climate change in NC. The report was authored by North Carolina-based climate experts and was informed by the 4th US National Climate Assessment, the 5th IPCC Assessment Report, and up-to-date published research in credible scientific journals. This webinar will briefly describe the report's development process before diving into the findings relevant for understanding fire potential and risk: what trends have been observed in NC over the past century, what can we expect over the next few decades to the end of the century, and what is our level of certainty in the projected changes.

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May 27, 2020 1:00 pm



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