EPSCoR Updates: Seasonal Forecast and Lightning Projects and Remote Sensing Projects


AFSC Spring Workshop, Part III

Update on the Path to Constructing a Seasonal Outlook for Wildland Fire in Alaska
Tag-team presentation from the Alaska EPSCoR Boreal Fires (BF) Project Team (Uma Bhatt, Jonathan Chriest, Cece Borries-Strigle, and Peter Bieniek, UAF)

Remote sensing project updates: Active fire/post-fire analyses, and hyperspectral data to improve fuels mapping, presented by Chris Smith, Chris Waigl, and Anushree Badola, UAF


The long-term goal of the BF team is to use state-of-the-art science to develop seasonal outlooks in early April useful for decision support for Alaska fire managers on summer climate conditions, likelihood of lightning, and the state of the fuels. This is an ambitious goal that has many separate components on which we have been making progress and will share our latest results. In this webinar, we will present a project overview (Uma Bhatt) and research updates on seasonal scale lightning predictability (Peter Bieniek), weather-scale lightning predictability (Jonathan Chriest), and seasonal BUI forecasts for 2020 from the NOAA CFSv2 and ECMWF models (Cece Borries-Strigle). 


The Remote Sensing activities of the EPSCoR Fire & Ice Boreal Fires project will be presented by Chris Waigl and Chris Smith. We will discuss our progress mapping vegetation and fuel types using NASA AVIRIS-NG hyperspectral imagery and initial accuracy assessments (Chris Smith), hyperspectral aerial surveying using UAF's HySpex camera during the 2019 summer, and planned for the 2020 summer (Chris Waigl), as well as planned fieldwork and product development during 2020. Chris Smith will also present his citizen science project Mapping Detection of Boreal Vegetation (MaDBoV) to acquire ground truth information for validating fuel maps, and Chris Waigl will talk about fire behavior remote sensing, and experimental daily active fire detection products based on the VIFDAHL algorithm that we plan to make available to users during the 2020 fire season.



Contact Name: Alison York
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Apr 9, 2020 10:00 am



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