Webinar - QUIC-Fire: A Fast-Running Simulation Tool for Prescribed Fire Planning


Sponsored by Los Alamos National Lab, US Forest Service Southern Research Station, Tall Timbers Research Station, the Southern Fire Exchange, and the University of Florida.

Presented by Rodd Linn, Ph.D., Los Alamos National Lab, Scott Goodrick, Ph.D., USFS Southern Research Station, Kevin Hiers, Tall Timbers Research Station

Recent advances in wildland fire behavior models (e.g. FIRETEC) utilizing high spatial and temporal resolution fluid dynamics calculations have facilitated complex modeling of fire-atmospheric feedbacks. Unfortunately this fire modeling approach requires exceptional computational resources that are unlikely to be available to most wildland fire managers. QUIC-Fire is a new physics-based cellular automata fire spread tool that that offers advanced fire modeling capabilities without the demand for extraordinary computational resources. QUIC-Fire is a new step towards expanding next generation fire model access to a wider audience of practitioners and users.

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May 21, 2020 1:00 pm