Online: 2020 AFSC Spring Fire Science Workshop


2020 AFSC Spring Fire Science Workshop

Part 1, March 25  

Machine learning to predict final fire size at the time of ignition Shane Coffield, UC Irvine

Fire Modeling and Analysis Committee updates: Fire Danger Operating Plan | Chris Moore, BLM

This Just In: New Science You Can Use | Randi Jandt, AFSC

Part 2, April 1

Arctic Urban Risks and Adaptations (AURA): a co-production framework for addressing multiple changing environmental hazards | Jen Schmidt, UAA

Part 3, April 9

EPSCoR Seasonal forecast and lightning project updates | Uma Bhatt, Jonathan Chriest, Cece Borries-Strigle, Peter Bieniek, UAF

EPSCoR Remote sensing project updates: Active fire/post-fire analyses, and hyperspectral data to improve fuels mapping | Chris Waigl, Chris Smith, and Anushree Badola, UAF


WEBINARS TBD: The following content will be scheduled as webinars later in March and April:

Forest Health Updates: Beetles, miners, and cankers, oh my! | Lori Winton, USFS


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Location: Online only
Contact Name: Alison York
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Mar 25, 2020 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

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