Webinar - Boundary-Spanning for Collective Action: Managing Wildfire Risk in the West


Co-sponsored by: Oregon State University, Colorado State University, Environmental Workforce Partnership, Oregon State University Forestry & Natural Resources Extension, Colorado Forest Restoration Institute, Joint Fire Science Program.

Presented by:

  • Emily Jane Davis is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society, and an Extension Specialist in the Forestry and Natural Resources Extension Program at Oregon State University.
  • Tony Cheng is Director of the Colorado Forest Restoration Institute and Professor with an Extension appointment in the Department of Forest & Rangeland Stewardship at Colorado State University.
  • Darren McAvoy is an Extension Assistant Professor of Forestry at Utah State University and a Fellow of the Society of American Foresters. He directs the Utah Forest Landowner Education Program and chairs the Utah Biomass Resources Group.

Many land managers in the US West increasingly are trying to expand the pace and scale of wildfire risk reduction by working across larger landscapes and ownership boundaries. What does it take to truly coordinate this work at scale among organizations with different missions and mandates? From an applied social science perspective, we will use case studies of both forests and rangelands in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Oregon, and Idaho to explore this question, providing several actionable examples of how boundaries may be spanned for more collective action.

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Feb 25, 2020 12:00 pm

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