RX510 and M580 Courses


National Advanced Fire & Resource Institute (NAFRI) partners with the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) and Course Development Sub Committees, comprised of subject matter experts, to manage and deliver graduate school level curriculums.

RX-510 - Advanced Fire Effects is a science-based course designed to support the integration of fire effects knowledge into land management programs. The course emphasizes the importance of considering fire effects in the design, implementation and monitoring of planned fire treatments over multiple spatial and temporal scales. In addition, many of the principles covered can be used to integrate fire effects in support of the wildfire decision-making process. This course recognizes that planning and implementing the use of fire in any capacity are independent activities, and provides opportunities for the burn boss and planner to work together.

M580 - Fire in Ecosystem Management

Through lectures, case studies, a field trip, and interaction between students and faculty, the course will:

  • Explore the role of fire and fire management in ecosystem management.
  • Examine historical, social, political, legal, economic, and environment factors critical to fire management.
  • Provide the students with concepts, technologies and methods to actively engage in ecosystem management across the landscape.

Location: National Advanced Fire & Resource Institute (NAFRI)
Address: 3265 East Universal Way, Tucson, Arizona 85756 (get directions)

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