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Jul 9 - 11 2019 MDT

Workshops, Trainings and Fieldtrips


Stage Stop Inn
1005 Main Avenue N.; Choteau , MT

This workshop and field tour will bring together managers and scientists to share knowledge about topics important to wilderness fire management. These include future challenges related to changing climate and fire seasons; vegetation, soil, and water response to fire; resilience; risk management; and engaging with the public. The Northern Rockies Fire Science Network is partnering with the Rocky Mountain Ranger District, Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest to host this event.

Background: Although the practice of fire suppression has excluded wildland fire from many western forests, some wilderness areas have more closely maintained their historic fire regimes. The Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex is an example of an area where lightning-caused fires are often managed for their beneficial effects. These areas provide a tremendous opportunity for understanding the complexity of wildland fire as an ecosystem process, and for appreciating the social factors that influence the management of wilderness fire.