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Jun 27 2019 PDT

Workshops, Trainings and Fieldtrips


Paradise Valley Community Center
50 Main St. Paradise Valley, NV 89426

Please join the Nevada section of the Society for Range Management for a day of presentations and discussions, and dinner to follow.

On July 4th 2018, a fire started near Paradise Valley, Nevada that would become the single largest fire recorded in Nevada history (the Martin Fire). Over the following five days, this fire burned more than 439,000 acres or 686 square miles of sagebrush habitat, contributing to over a million acres burned in Nevada in 2018. This was the second year in a row that over a million acres burned in Nevada. With favorable precipitation years, the annual grass, cheatgrass, produces tremendous amounts of fuel promoting the chance of catastrophic wildfires. The impacts on land owners, grazing resources and wildlife habitat are overwhelming in magnitude. The rehabilitation of such large areas of land is an unsurmountable task requiring strategic actions to maximize effectiveness. Collaborative efforts between land managers, producers and researchers can increase the effectiveness of such efforts.
Topics will range from impacts on wildlife and domestic animals to post-fire seeding and herbicide treatments, riparian recovery, fuels reduction methods and future research programs. Hear from the local producer community as to how wildfires impact their everyday lives. Please join us for a day of presentations and discussions, and dinner to follow.