Wildland Fire Canada 2019 Conference: New paths, New partnerships


The theme of the Wildland Fire Canada 2019 Conference is new paths, new partnerships. Theme topics include:

  • Collaborative strategies and shared learning: focuses on local, regional and national collaborations in wildfire research, strategic planning, and fire management operations.¬† Case studies such as best practices or lessons learned from fire operations, planning and research are examples.
  • Implementing success: is dedicated to the tools, policies, technologies and methods for achieving fire management objectives.
  • Fire processes and complexity:¬†concentrates on describing predicting and prescribing fire processes and interactions.
  • Living and working with fire:¬†addresses the social, economic, occupational and human dimensions of fire.
  • And through collaboration with the Smoke Forum, a new partner theme:
  • Wildland fire smoke: examines strategies and tools to assess and manage the impact of wildland fire smoke on firefighters and the general population, including advancing science on health impacts, developing smoke modelling tools, and improving communications to protect health.

Location: Delta Ottawa City Centre
Address: 101 Lyon St. N.; Ottawa, ON Canada (get directions)
Contact Name: Wildland Fire Canada

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Nov 18, 2019 (All day) to Nov 21, 2019 (All day)



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