Webinar - The Danger of an Overly-Precise Burn Prescription: Re-visiting perspectives and knowledge gaps on fire and which factors to consider for measuring success


Prescribed fire is vital to maintaining and promoting many of the highest value cover types in the Midwest. However, we must avoid over-prescribing burn plans and acknowledge that there is much to learn about what factors best predict the success of a given fire for burn planning and monitoring. This presentation will discuss which factors mattered, and which didn’t, for brush control in over 56 prescribed burns in Wisconsin.

This presentation will specifically cover:
•    Perspectives on our understanding of natural fire regimes
•    How standard modeling compares to measured fuels and fire behavior
•    What fire behavior metrics mattered most for brush control
•    Realistic expectations in prescribing burn day conditions in this region
•    What to consider looking at in a prescribed fire monitoring program

Presenter: Nathan Holoubek, Wildlife Biologist, Wisconsin DNR

This webinar will expand upon research presented at the 2018 Upper Midwest Invasive Species Conference.


Mar 6, 2019 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

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