RX-410 Smoke Management Techniques Course


Course Description: This course leads students through the ecological and historical role of fire, characteristics of smoke and the health, safety and visibility impacts of smoke. Other topics include public relations, legal requirements, meteorology, fuel consumption, smoke production dispersion modeling, and operational smoke management strategies. This course is designed to be interactive in nature. It contains a panel discussion, several exercises designed to facilitate group and class participation and case studies from a variety of fuel types and political challenges. The pre-course work assignment is designed to familiarize students with the Smoke Management Guide and air quality regulations that impact prescribed fire programs.

Objectives: The overall objective of this course is to provide land managers with the knowledge to manage smoke and reduce its impacts on public health and welfare. Given existing and potential air quality regulations, political and social sensitivities, students will be able to:

  • Predict, manage, and monitor prescribed fire smoke.
  • Describe the legal, professional, and ethical reasons for managing smoke.
  • Describe the roles of federal, state, and local agencies and organizations involved with and affected by smoke from prescribed fire.

Target Audience: Prescribed fire burn boss type 1 (RXB1) and the long term fire analyst (LTAN). Other positions that would benefit from RX-410 include fire effects monitor, air regulators, fire ecologists, private landowners, other state and private agencies, prescribed fire consultants and fire planners.

Course Prerequisites: Students should have a background in prescribed fire planning, implementing, monitoring, permitting or smoke/air regulating, as well as satisfactory completion of pre-course work.

Course Pre-work: Approximately two hours

Class Size: 25

Location: MIFC Training Center
Address: 402 SE 11th St, Grand Rapids, MN 55744 (get directions)
Contact Name: Debbie Hahn
Contact E-mail: dhahn@fs.fed.us


Jan 7, 2019 (All day) to Jan 11, 2019 (All day)
China Standard Time



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