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Jan 30 2019 CST

Workshops, Trainings and Fieldtrips


University of Minnesota - Cloquet Forestry Center
175 University Rd, Cloquet, MN 55720

The in-person event at the Cloquet Forestry Center has been cancelled due to extreme weather conditions. After deliberations among speakers and organizers, the organizers have decided the best path forward is to cancel for now (and not offer an online broadcast) to offer this event in its original two-day agenda in the future.

Fire is a major driver of ecosystem dynamics across much of Minnesota. Fire suppression, while beneficial, has changed these systems in ways that may threaten long term ecosystem health and productivity. While a variety of silvicultural and other treatments attempt to mimic some fire effects, there is interest in better understanding the roles and outcomes of fire in order to improve the function of our fire-dependent plant communities in the fire suppression era.

This workshop will explore how fire has shaped Minnesota's natural systems and how land managers can safely reintroduce fire where appropriate. Sessions and panel discussions will focus on fire effects in pine- and oak-dominated forest and woodland communities and in the aspen parklands system. These discussions are planned with and for the diverse community interacting around fire-related issues, and seek to build the understanding and communication to support further work toward collaborative solutions.

Offered by the Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative, the Lake States Fire Science Consortium, and the Tallgrass Prairie and Oak Savanna Fire Science Consortium the Oak Woodlands and Forest Fire Science Consortium is also supporting this workshop.